Certificate for my IP addresses?

I have a Secure Connection over my domain.tld just fine, but not so if I try to connect to my host via IP address I still recieve the usual security exception.
Can I get a certificate for my IP address as well?

You have to configure a let’s encrypt certificate, it’s very easy. https://yunohost.org/#/certmanager_en
and don’t forget after to erase the older certificate you had accepted in your navigator’s preferences…

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How do I configure it? All I can see is the status and “what should be”.

admin@YunoHost:~ $ sudo yunohost domain cert-status
    CA_type: Let's Encrypt
    summary: Great!
    validity: 86

While it seems theoretically possible to obtain a certificate for an IP address (though it seems to be a deprecated practice nowadays), it’s unlikely that you really need it…

You need to understand why do certificate exists. Certificates are meant to ensure the authenticity of the server you access. If you access your server via its IP address, then you are probably the admin of the server, or tech-savy enough to check manually that the self-signed certificate shown in your browser corresponds to the one actually on your server, and manually add the exception.

A “regular human being” will access to your server via its domain name, not via its IP.

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Okay, then my next question is if it isn’t slower to reach my server via DNS, than via IP address?
It always takes a while before I can ping it, so I thought maybe that the reason why my cloud is slow…

I think I’ll ask that question instead and mark this thread as solved.

Your question is answered on this stack overflow thread.

TL;DR : it’s neglictible

If the DNS resolution takes some time, then there might be some issue somewhere in your setup (what happens if, idk, a friend of yours tries to resolve the domain ?) but the answer to that certainly isn’t to work around it by having an IP-bound certificate