Celebrating Yunohost's 10 years birthday in Strasbourg with Hackstub & ARN on June 2nd and 3rd!

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In 2012, 3 community/projects independently began their activity : Yunohost, Hackstub (the hackerspace of Strasbourg, France) and ARN (Alsace Réseau Neutre, community ISP of Eastern France).

10 years later, Yunohost is widely implemented and supported by members of the community behind Hackstub & ARN. Therefore, as Hackstub is taking profit of this occasion to celebrate and promote free, emancipatory software beyond our local hacker community, it seemed quite obvious for us to invite ARN and Yunohost to join in the party.

Various workshops will happen on Friday 2nd and Saturday 3rd, followed by an epic night of livecoding, cyberperformances and incredible artists!

(NB: this is mostly a french event though we would also be happy to welcome non-french people! :sweat_smile:)

// FR

En 2012, 3 communautés/projets ont indépendamment commencé leurs activités : Yunohost, Hackstub (le hackerspace de Strasbourg, en France) et ARN (Alsace Réseau Neutre, le CHATONS local).

10 ans plus tard, Yunohost est largement implémenté et soutenu par des membres de la communauté fédérée par Hackstub et ARN. Hackstub profite de cette occasion pour célebrer et promouvoir la culture des logiciels libres/émancipateurs, et il semblait évident d’inviter ARN et Yunohost à se joindre à la fête.

Des ateliers sont prévus le vendredi 2 et samedi 3 juin, suivi d’une soirée remplie de concerts de livecoding et divers cyber-performances et artistes incroyables!


(Bumping the thread with updated infos!)

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