Carrier-Grade NAT & Yunohost >> Workaround?

Backstory: Wife wants to change ISPs to get a better, this means for a 3 month transition period I am stuck on some LTE+ garbage that can’t do port forwarding. I can’t live without Yunohost for 3 months!

So, it seems I need to find a VPN with a static IP & port forwarding. Any suggestions? I’ve seen some guides on using VPS to make own VPN but that looks very complex.

I just want the simplest solution to make my Yunohost server usable for the next 3 months. I can pay for a VPN.

ISP is FarEastTone in Taiwan
Router is WondaLink Inc. WRT2061

Now trying this 1 click server on DigitalOcean.

  1. Super easy to setup. Works no problem as a client. Highly recommend it if you want a quick VPN when going on a trip or something.
  2. But…not sure how to configure it to forward ports to Yunohost.

So…Has anybody ever run a VPS with OpenVPN to forward traffic to your local Yunohost installation?

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Ok, here is how to do it on OpenVPN Access Server.

I’m forwarding all ports to my server.

Working now!