Carrier-Grade NAT & Yunohost >> Workaround?

Backstory: Wife wants to change ISPs to get a better, this means for a 3 month transition period I am stuck on some LTE+ garbage that can’t do port forwarding. I can’t live without Yunohost for 3 months!

So, it seems I need to find a VPN with a static IP & port forwarding. Any suggestions? I’ve seen some guides on using VPS to make own VPN but that looks very complex.

I just want the simplest solution to make my Yunohost server usable for the next 3 months. I can pay for a VPN.

ISP is FarEastTone in Taiwan
Router is WondaLink Inc. WRT2061

Now trying this 1 click server on DigitalOcean.

  1. Super easy to setup. Works no problem as a client. Highly recommend it if you want a quick VPN when going on a trip or something.
  2. But…not sure how to configure it to forward ports to Yunohost.

So…Has anybody ever run a VPS with OpenVPN to forward traffic to your local Yunohost installation?

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Ok, here is how to do it on OpenVPN Access Server.

I’m forwarding all ports to my server.

Working now!

Just had to do this again, so I will add more details to make it easier for myself and others to do this.

  1. Setup DMZ from new carrier router to your Yunohost box.
  2. Setup OpenVPN Access server on a VPS: Creating A DMZ In OpenVPN Access Server | OpenVPN
  3. In OpenVPN Access server, set the user to be “Autologin”, and DMZ to your carrier router. To forward all ports just type in the IP address, don’t specify ports.
  4. Download the user profile (ovpn file) for the user you created for Yunohost box.
  5. On your Yunohost box, install openvpn3. Load the user profile (*.ovpn file)
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