Can't upgrade apps if a backup is not found


A few times ago I did a backup in a custom folder then delete it with a rm command which is NOT a good idea.

All ran well, until I tried to upgrade some apps :

tl;dr : yunohost can’t find the backup I deleted so the upgrade stopped.

I recreated a fake /home/USER/backup/20210206-160008.tar then used the yunohost backup delete 20210206-160008 to properly delete this “backup”. After that, the upgrades ran well.

This issue is already known ( see App upgrades are failing when attempting to create backups where user is blocked because he backuped on a removable device).

Imho it could be useful to modify the yunohost tools upgrade --apps to not block the upgrade if a backup is not found, maybe using a warning and asking user if he wants to continue the upgrade or not.