Can't logout from FreshRSS

My YunoHost server

Hardware: VPS bought online
YunoHost version: 11.2.3
I have access to my server : Through SSH | through the webadmin
Are you in a special context or did you perform some particular tweaking on your YunoHost instance ? : no

Description of my issue

New installation of FreshRSS. When I open the app, it is already logged with the admin account. In the menu, there is a link “Profile”. Under this one, the username of the account is displayed. On a normal installation, it should have a logout link instead.

So, to logout, I have to go on the profile page and click on the logout link in the left panel. But, when I click on this link, it refresh the page and FreshRSS still be connected to the same admin account, even if a message says that i have been disconnected. No logout is possible.

It’s probably because you are logged in YunoHost’s sso and will be logged in FreshRSS as long as you don’t log out in YunoHost …

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Thanks for the reply. Yes I was logged to YunoHost. After your post, I tried to open FreshRSS in another browser not logged in to YunoHost. Once logged in, same problem.

I tried to reinstall FreshRSS, this time I set Visitors for who should have access (first time I set Administrators). If I open FreshRSS in a private window in the browser, it open logged in to the admin user without to enter any logon credentials.

I found a workaround that fixed the problem !

Based on this workaround, what I did :

  • Open FreshRSS page where I’m already logged in.
  • Go to Authentication and change the auth mode to “None”
  • Go to the profile of the account, change the password.
  • Go back to Authentication and set the auth mode to “Use a form with Javascript”
  • Go back to the home page, I’m now disconnected and I can login to the admin account that have now the logout link under the link Profile in the menu.

I had to do the same thing for my other user created (just change its password from my admin account).

Hmm here is another problem. My other user have a forbidden error after logon.

I tried to manually edit the file in /var/www/freshrss/data/config.php to set my user as default user and change the auth method to None.

Then, goes to the home page of FreshRSS where i’m logged in to this user automaticly, and repeat the process (change the password in the profile, change again the auth mode to Form using Javascript). Next logon worked fine. But after I deleted my main admin account, I still have a forbidden error page after the login.

It’s really annoying this bug, I dont know why I have it…

From what I understand, it’s completely tied to Yunohost SSO, which means there is no login operation done in FreshRSS, it’s Yunohost that will log you with your Yunohost account in FreshRSS, you can’t connect with another account (except if you use another Yunohost account).

Oh, It makes sense! I hadn’t thought of that. So by using the form mode for the connection, it no longer depends on YunoHost…

Thank you.

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