Can't install some apps


I can’t install some apps because of always the same problem. At every try, i see the message «the user [app name] was not found» before the «the ssowat configuration was generated» and the little pacman animation continues indefinitely. I encountered the problem with nextcloud, jirafeau and searx, but not with piratebox.

Where can i find more precise information (like logs) about this problem ?


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I have a similar problem. I can’t install some apps, it’s still stuck on the message:
the ssowat configuration was generated

The pacman continues to move forward but the application never finishes the installation.

Sorry, I haven’t found a solution yet.

We need the entire log (don’t forget to remove password and domain name of them)

To get it install your app with --debug options

Someone else solved the problem for me, but i didn,t understood how Sorry