Can't install OwnCloud on YunoHost Version 2.4.0

Hi everyone,

For some reason I cannot install OwnCloud on Yunohost 2.4.0

I get the error “The app is incompatible with your YunoHost version: The app package need to be updated to follow YunoHost changes”

Is this an issue for everyone or just me?

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It’s the same for me and others I gues. Fresh install and many apps won’t run. It seems devs must upgrade their apps so we can run them in the latest version of Yunohost.

That is quite weird, I wish Ynhst devs keep their work connected when they launch an update, because this issue is making the last version to be quite poor for now.

Let’s wait for someone to give some answers, anyway.

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i do have the same issues with wordpress an opensondage for example… all after a fresh install of yunohost via installscript on debian.

Same problem for me. Upgrading Yunohost to v2.4 was a bit painful and now, Owncloud seems to be broken and can’t be upgraded.
And still no answer from anyone. Disappointing.

Finally, I had to remove, then reinstall Owncloud v 9.0.2 which is working fine now.