Can't install applications to root directory

Hello all, so far my first attempt at trying to use yunohost has taken hours just to figure out how to do this. I’m trying to install an app into the root directory.

I setup as the yunohost install. is an A record to the server.
If you go to you get the admin login page.

Now. When I install zerobin for instance:
I add a domain:

Then I add the zerobin application:
Label: Zerobin
tied to
Path: /
Public site? Yes.

If I do this, it proceeds through the web admin page as if it worked, but if you go to it just redirects you to the admin page for the yunohost install.

If I place the install in /zerobin, then works.

Can anyone please help me with this? Makes the whole purpose of hosting a bunch of stuff useless if I can’t have subdomains pointing to the installs…

im having this same issue but with the third party Riot app. Seems to be only affecting some apps as it works fine with the Searx app