Can't connect to pgAdmin

My YunoHost server

Hardware: vps on PulseHeberg
YunoHost version: I don’t know how to get it, but it is the latest
I have access to my server : ssh

Description of my issue

Hello, I installed pgAdmin
I managed to login with user@domain.tld and the password I set during the pgAdmin app installation
However I can’t connect to the yunohost server (this server is added by default after pgAdmin installation)
I tried with the pgAdmin password, with my Yunohost admin password and with the content of /etc/yunohost/psql
The error I keep getting is “connection is bad: definition of service “” not found”

pgAdmin log: hastebin

Hi! I got here because I’ve had the same problem.
For me the solution was to:

  1. change the postgresql password for user pgadmin via SSH (you have to become root first, because normal accounts can’t impersonate user postgres
sudo su
sudo -U postgres psql
postgres=# \password pgadmin
  1. Then log in to pgadmin with your email and password set during the installation, and remove the default Yunohost Server connection:
  2. And add new connection with the properties like this:

    For password, use the one you set in the shell connection in point 1.

It’s not really a fix, it’s a hack, and it’s annoying, but I’ll try to make a ticket in the repository of this app, so hopefully it will get fixed sometime in the future.

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