Can't connect Thunderbird to Baikal


I encounter an issue with Baikal/Thunderbird. The Baikal install seems to have runned without a problem, I created a user and a calendar but Thunderbird refuses to sync with it. It says that the address I entered doesn’t have any calendar.

I tried many different URI in the case it would help but nothing works. I checked online for tutorials and I did what I am supposed to in order to sync my Baikal calendar with Thunderbird.

Is there anything particular to do with Yunohost to make it work? Permission issue maybe?

Thanks for your help.


Ok. It was indeed a permission problem for those who might encounter the same problem. In the administration, the Baikal app has to be reachable by anonymous visitors. I don’t really like it this way but it seems necessary in any case to allow a synchronization with an external tool.

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