Cant auth at Metronome xmpp

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My YunoHost server

Hardware: for now, vps at home, 3gb ram, 2cpu, classic hdd,
YunoHost version: (testing)
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Description of my issue

Heallo all self-hosters :slight_smile:
I can not to successfully authentificate at Metronome service. I see this logs everytime, when I try to login via xmpp client:

nov 11 13:20:58 slapd[757]: <= mdb_substring_candidates: (mail) not indexed
nov 11 13:20:58 slapd[757]: <= mdb_substring_candidates: (mail) not indexed

something with ldap service. All yunohost services are running - metronome too. Ports at firewall are opened, user/pass are right. Can you help me with?

as username , have tried with short username and full username at server. I mean like jookk and jookk@ynh.server

Thank You, I resolved this issue.
I have multiple domains, but not all are used for mail serving.
One of the domains is used for xmpp, but users do not had email addresses (aliases) at that domain for xmpp.

So I tried to add mail alias with that xmpp domain and it working now fine!
Huraay! :rocket:

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