Can't Access locally after opening 443 port in router

Hi, this looks strange, I can access my Yunohost install in a Pi 2 while I don’t open port 443. As far as I open it so anyone can access it from outside our lan, I get kicked.

All other ports open as described here:

Any help will be appreciated.


What kind of URLs are you using, in each case ? I guess its locally then https://yourdomain.tld/ ?
How are kicked out, exactly ?


Hi Martin, thanks for the reply.

When I said I get cicked, I meant I cannot enter anymore: couldn’t stablish a secure connection. Using FF or Chrome.
I used both urls, the device Ip and the domain

I had a mate checking whether he could access from his computer at home or not. When I open port 443 he can access the server, but I can’t.

Perhaps you can try (in your browsers) to remove the certificates related to your url.

Yes @aoz I already tried this with no success. It might be a router config, or something I am missing. But don’t know where to start checking.

If someone else can access the server from outside your LAN, it looks like your router is well set-up.

Couldn’t it be a hair-pining issue? There is a thread on that topic.

I also facing this error when I opened 443 port in router after that I can’t access locally also shows an error itunes sync error 54, so I really want a solution how to remove this error as soon as possible.