Cannot SSH to server. Permission denied (public key)

Hello all,

I did try to get help yesterday and I am posting here also for bigger ‘audience’.

As the title states, I can no longer connect via ssh to my server using the key method. It was working perfectly all the time but yesterday somehow I couldnt connect. All i remember was some upgrades i did that was offered in the web admin and some fiddling around with wikijs and some symlinks.
Please see below the auth.log

All I get is a Permission denied (publickey) message. I have no home/admin/.ssh/authorized_key in my .ssh directory . In fact it did not exist at all yesterday but this morning it appeared but competely empty.

I have access locally for the moment to my server and also through webadmin to do some modifications.

So my questions are, what happened? Can I revert the situation, how? If I generate new keys using the method described here will it solve the problem or do I have to delete something on my server side (old keys etc.)?

Thanks for any help.

We have no idea of what happened.

You don’t have to renew your keys (but if they have been exposed you should). Your private key should not be stored on your server.

You could recreate the authorized_keys file with the public key inside.

Is your ssh configuration changed from the original ssh config ?

Thank you for your attempt to help.

I have included in my message what I’ve done regarding the ssh config. I followed this guide . In any case I refollowed this guide and produced new keys on my pc and now the authorized_key is in my /home/admin/.ssh and have ssh access…
It could be helpful if you recommended how to recreate the _keys file etc since I am no that kind of expert…(yet).
One think I noticed with this new keys and reconnection is that previously, the folders had coloring in my command shell window. Now there is none. Don’t know why…

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