Cannot restart Dovecot

I can not restart the Dovecot service. I have Mautic and SnappyMail installed right now, would that cause conflicts with anything?

I am using a VPS server and YunoHost version 11.1.19 (stable)

Here is the log, after running the diagnostics->app diagnostics

Hi @bcidohost how did you try to restart the dovecot service ? Through the webui ? Through a console via ssh ?

In the log you share there a few places where the dovecot server seem to be restarted.

dovecot[112329]: Fatal: service(pop3) access(/usr/lib/dovecot/pop3) failed: No such file or directory

Not sure how you ended up with this but consider doing apt install dovecot-pop3d

Thanks Aleks! A quick and painless resolution.

I had uninstalled/reinstalled some of the email related applications - that is how it must have become uninstalled.

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