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I needed to replace some hard drives on my dell poweredge r710. I decided to wipe every, reinitialize RAID and reinstall Yunohost in order to correct some long-standing issues with how I installed last time.

It currently has 4HDDs at RAID5 for storage and 2 at RAID1 for the OS.

I have been trying to reinstall Yunohost for over a day now, and I’m on try #16. I keep running into errors regardless of if I use the advanced graphical or the regular graphical.

Using the advanced graphical, I’m able to install Debian only by skipping the debconf preconfig step. This then correctly lets me partition, scans the system, installs networking and base and all of that. If I load the debconf preconfig file (I’m assuming this is yunohost) then I get stalled out at this stage and I am unable to proceed:

Clicking continue does nothing… clicking screenshot does nothing. I am forced to restart the whole thing over.

What am I missing?

edit: maybe of note: when I try to verify the installation media it says it is not a valid Debian installer; I assume that this is correct bc it’s yunohost flavored debian, but…?

Try using the standard Debian installer to partition everything to your liking and install Debian. Once it’s done, install YunoHost on top of it with the “remote server” method of the documentation.

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Thats worth a shot! If I do this in the Debian install, it offers me a chance to install a desktop interface, a web server, SSH server, etc. Will any of that conflict with yunohost?

Oops absolutely, install the Debian lite version: no desktop interface, but allow SSH.

Thanks! Unfortunately no luck as the debian installer errors out on needing non-free drivers (bnx) and I can’t find a place to obtain them and so the networking won’t work. I’ll try to see what I can find, but only debian 12 has the deivers and that’s not yuno compatible iirc.

managed to get the backported nic drivers; and currently YNH is installing ! thanks for the idea

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