Cannot install YunoHost on mini pc


the attempt to flash YunoHost server, iso

Hardware: mini pc beelink MINISV1
YunoHost version:

Description of my issue

I am currently experiencing a problem with the process of flashing the ISO onto the mini PC. This issue has been causing frustration and hindering my progress in setting up the mini PC for use.**

The flashing process involves transferring the ISO file, which contains the operating system or software, onto a USB drive or other storage medium. This is typically done using specialized software or tools designed for this purpose. However, despite following the instructions carefully, I have encountered difficulties and errors during the flashing process.*

One of the main challenges I have faced is the inability to successfully complete the flashing process. The software or tool I am using may freeze or crash midway through the process, leaving me with an incomplete or corrupted ISO file on the USB drive. This prevents me from properly installing the operating system or software onto the mini PC.

Furthermore, I have encountered compatibility issues between the ISO file, coming up like this

This has led to frustration and wasted time as I attempt to troubleshoot and find alternative solutions,*
Overall, the problem with the flashing process has been a significant obstacle in my efforts to set up the mini PC. It has caused delays, frustration, and wasted time as I attempt to troubleshoot and find solutions. I am actively seeking assistance and exploring alternative methods or tools to overcome this *issue and successfully flash the ISO onto the mini PC
PLEASE DEVS try and update the iso file as soon as you can


Disclaimer: putting “urgent” in the title, writing in bold and in all caps won’t gain you a preferential treatment.

If ISO install fails, install a Debian Lite 11 ISO then follow the “remote server” method: Install YunoHost | Yunohost Documentation


1st message, created an account to blubber on devs who are giving their time for us…
You said you “wasted time”, “frustration”…
Do you think about devs and whole community working together to make this project working, debugging things, adding new features, giving the choice to preserve self-privacy… etc.
Please stay cool with everybody :wink:

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