Cannot generate Pelican blog after mounting it in Nextcloud (permission issue)

The full solution for me therefore was as follows.

It is heavily borrowed from this post and assuming Fish shell, as I much prefer scripting in that:

sudo -s
cd /var/www/pelican
# Make sure the whole Pelican home / work directory is owned by group `pelican`
chown --recursive pelican:pelican .
# Add `nextcloud` and `www-data` users to the group `pelican`
usermod --append --groups pelican nextcloud
usermod --append --groups pelican www-data
# Force all (sub)folders created by Nextcloud to inherit the group `pelican`
chmod g+s content
# Authorise users `nextcloud` (and  `www-data`) to write in `content/` folder
chmod 770 content # a.k.a. ug+rwx
chmod --recursive 660 content/* # a.k.a. ug+rw
for folder in (find content/ -type d) # find all (sub)folders within `content/`
    chmod 770 $folder # a.k.a. ug+rwx
# Restart nginx (only needed the first time)
systemctl restart nginx
# Restart PHP (only needed the first time)
systemctl restart php8.2-fpm

NB: php8.2-fpm could be of different version on your machine.

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