Can not start fail2ban

Hello my System is [YunoHost] (stable) I installed the system yesterday. It was Younohost

I run sudo apt dist-upgrade.

Now I have this error. fail2ban.service: Failed with result 'exit-code

I cant start it as a service.

– Unit fail2ban.service has finished shutting down.

May 23 09:09:51 systemd[1]: Starting Fail2Ban Service…

– Subject: Unit fail2ban.service has begun start-up

– Defined-By: systemd

– Support:

– Unit fail2ban.service has begun starting up.

May 23 09:09:53 fail2ban-client[2989]: ERROR No file(s) found for glob /var/log/piwigoFailedLogins.log

May 23 09:09:53 fail2ban-client[2989]: ERROR Failed during configuration: Have not found any log file for piwigo jail

May 23 09:09:53 systemd[1]: fail2ban.service: Control process exited, code=exited status=255

May 23 09:09:53 systemd[1]: Failed to start Fail2Ban Service.

– Subject: Unit fail2ban.service has failed

– Defined-By: systemd

– Support:

Fail2ban being stupid as usual … The file should have been created here but maybe got rotated …

Anyway you can run :

touch /var/log/piwigoFailedLogins.log
systemctl restart fail2ban

I get the message

admin@siggi200:~$ touch /var/log/piwigoFailedLogins.log
touch: cannot touch ‘/var/log/piwigoFailedLogins.log’: Permission denied

Try with sudo:

sudo touch /var/log/piwigoFailedLogins.log

:+1: Thanks it works

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