Can i debug lexicon?

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is there a way to debug lexicon, or figure out if the following error “belongs” to yunohost or lexicon?

MX record destination is incorrect. An example of a correct entry: mail.bibliogram. (4013)

Please put quotation marks in front of a backspash. The name server automatically sets quotation marks at the beginning and end. (4013)

The logs is provided here .

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Yeah it’s difficult to say … But MX, CNAME and possibly TXT tends to not work super well with some registrars because as far as I know, Lexicon doesnt test these and they tend to be more complex than simple A / AAAA records

So I guess in your case the issue lies in Lexicon yeah

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Thanks, ill go there…

If someone wants to follow the github issue.
Here is the link.

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I need help with the solving of this issue. There is help on the way but sadly i don’t know how to move on with the help given…can someone jump into the boat?

A github user is trying to help with this question:

From what I see in the logs, it seems that the MX records should be inserted with a trailing dot in the content, and the TXT record content should be enclosed with quotes.

It seems also that the values of the records are passed verbatim from the command line flag 
"--content to Netcup API. Could you retry the calls with content of kind mail.domain.tld. for the MX records and '"My content"' for the TXT records ?

Where do i run the commands for lexicon under yunohost?


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