Call for mobilization to defend the practice of self-hosting



Summary: This topic is for people living in Europe. It’s about a new potential censorship obligations.

:gb: English version

La Quadrature du Net has published an article against the future European regulation which, under the pretext of fighting online terrorist radicalization, will impose unrealistic censorship obligations on all Internet actors. Last week, La Quadrature du Net published an article on this subject on their website.

If you are using YunoHost, you probably run services which are open to the public (etherpad, peertube, comment area in a website…) or to identified third parties (family, friends…). According to our understanding, these new regulations would affect you, and could make the practice of self-hosting partially illegal and/or force us to use centralized services!

That is why we call you to act. The Council of the European Union is meeting in Brussels on December 6th and 7th with the goal of finding a common ground on this text. It is therefore essential that as many stakeholders as possible express their opposition to this text before this meeting.

Proposed actions

La Quadrature du Net plans to publish an open letter as an attachment (in french) before December 5th. You may be aware of relevant associations or companies that could sign this letter. More generally, don’t hesitate to spread the word around you about this letter.

We could consider signing on behalf of a collective of self-hosters (which does not exist) and/or on behalf of the YunoHost project. Similarly, we could call for other projects related to self-hosting to mobilize.

All ideas and especially initiatives are welcome :slight_smile:

Open Letter in french - Antiterorism censorship.pdf (23,4 Ko)

:fr: Version Française

La Quadrature du Net a publié un article contre le futur règlement européen qui, sous prétexte de lutter contre la radicalisation terroriste en ligne, imposera à l’ensemble des acteurs de l’Internet des obligations de censure irréalistes. La Quadrature du Net a notamment publié la semaine dernière un article à ce sujet sur leur site.

Si vous utilisez YunoHost, vous fournissez probablement de nombreux services ouverts au public (etherpad, peertube, zone de commentaire dans un siteweb …) ou à des tiers identifiés (famille, amis …). D’après notre compréhension, ces nouvelles réglementations vous concerneraient, elles pourraient rendre la pratique de l’auto-hébergement partiellement illégales et/ou nous obliger à utiliser des services centralisés !

C’est pourquoi nous vous appelons à agir. Le Conseil de l’Union européenne se réunit à Bruxelles dès les 6 et 7 décembre en vue de parvenir à une position commune sur ce texte. II est donc essentiel que le plus grand nombre possible d’acteurs fassent connaître leur opposition à ce texte avant cette réunion.

Proposition d’actions

La Quadrature du Net prévoie de publier une lettre ouverte en pièce jointe avant le 5 décembre. Peut être connaissez-vous des assos ou entreprises concernées qui pourraient signer cette lettre. De manière générale, n’hésitez pas à parler de ce projet de loi autour de vous.

Nous pourrions envisager de signer au nom d’un collectif d’auto-hébergeur⋅euse⋅s (qui n’existe pas) et/ou au nom du projet YunoHost. De même nous pourrions appeller d’autres projets sur l’auto-hébergement à se mobiliser.

Toutes idées et surtout prises d’initiatives sont les bienvenues :slight_smile:

Lettre Ouverte - Règlement Contenus Terroristes.pdf (23,4 Ko)

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L’sso SSH peut-elle signer ? Peut-elle aussi tenir en annexe une page de signatures d’utilisateurs ?

Je suis intéressé.


Ça serait faisable et pourrait être intéressant ! (Après c’est vrai qu’il faut agir vite…)

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To be effective, all messages need to have a clear call to action. Telling people to circulate a letter doesn’t help if the letter doesn’t tell them specifically what to do.

Where? What’s the specific link for them to do this?

Politicians only care about associations to the degree that their membership includes that politicians voters or people influential to their interests in other ways. 2 days is not enough time to create an association that they’d care about. I suggest signing as Yunohost, a French project representing XXXXXX users (estimate the Yunohost userbase).

Yes, we need to get other projects involved, but to do so, we really need somewhere that non-French speakers can be sent as well. Ideally, we’d cover at least Spanish, English, German and Mandarin. I can translate into English, but I have no idea where to submit translations to be effective.


Who can i write a letter to, today, voicing my concern about this?
I am away 5-8 December so need to send a letter or email today.
Thanks in advance :slight_smile:


I believe there may be a legal subtlety allowing to join the association as a volunteer by ticking a checkbox during installation or in the admin/sso panel. Something like “would you like to join the free internet association? YES/NO” or “By installing you agree to join the association” (not sure about this one). This would allow to leverage the yunohost user base for a call to action and allow them to keep on selfhosting.

Regarding the association itself, it may be more appropriate for it to be generic, representing selfhosters in general. This would allow the existing communities of the apps packaged for yunohost to be aggregated and join with other services like yunohost (framasoft…)

As this is mentioned by @Zinkie the time frame is really small and the letter is not clear. I didn’t get the part about translations but for yunohost:

Is the letter adressed to the president of the european commission ? france ?

In order to maximize impact and spread to other countries why not write in english ? or adress every representatives ?

I do not know if this would be useful or technically possible but I know that my skills may get insufficient rather quickly and I also do not have the time to investigate before the deadline :frowning: :

  • get contact informations (rss bridge?) depending on your country (and districts) from
  • formatted messages (translated using weblate ?) for every contacts of given representatives. depending on the platform: mail, social medias …
  • customization depending on user and/or service used (?) => “Mr John Smith, … as a user of ThatSelfHostedService …”
  • copy/paste and/or action to send

Once again, thank you all for the hard work on yunohost and apps packaging


We have decided this evening to sign the letter with the YunoHost name.



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Thanks for the information.


I don’t know if it’s needed anymore but i can try to traduce in spanish.