Calibreweb & Buster upgrade - Solving the LDAP authentication issue

Hi there,
It seems that in some cases, the Buster upgrade broke calibreweb LDAP integration, which disable calibreweb login.
I’m not very sure of the exact “why”, but the root cause seems linked to the python changes between Stretch and Buster.

Anyway, a few command lines will correct the issue.
Alternatively, you may uninstall and re-install calibreweb and it will work again.

Here are the command lines:

sudo curl | python
sudo pip3 install --no-cache-dir --target /var/www/calibreweb/vendor -r /var/www/calibreweb/requirements.txt --upgrade
sudo pip3 install --no-cache-dir --target /var/www/calibreweb/vendor -r /var/www/calibreweb/optional-requirements.txt --upgrade
sudo systemctl restart calibreweb

Et voilà! You may connect again on calibreweb
If you have multiple instance of calibreweb, just change “calibreweb” by “calibreweb__2” etc in the above command lines.

Good reading!


Hmmmyeah there’s a general issue (I’m actually surprised so few people report issues about it) about python virtualenvs that basically needs to be re-created (or upgraded with the command you suggest ? o.O) otherwise they just get broken with mysterious error messages due to the system upgrade of python (from 3.5 to 3.7ish, something like that…)