Buying YunoHost Merch


Hi Friends

Feeling proud of self-hosting, so I wanted to get a shirt with the Yunohost logo.
I was taking a look at the Yunohost site and noticed there isn’t any!

You should definetely set up some merch goodies somewhere.
I believe there are commercial website where you can just upload your logos, make some mockups and you’re all set, they take care of all the packaging etc.

Just dropping the fundraising idea!


I totally need a new USB key and I can not find some that pleases me, I’d love a YunoHost one :grin:
If you are looking for an ethic shop, look at En Vente Libre : (used by, for example, FramaSoft and Debian )


or maybe if admins are too busy to do this, can you make an item somewhere, and others can buy it? can the proceeds be auto-donated to Yunohost?

i’m not sure how this stuff works.


That would be cool. Don’t know how it works either, perhaps permission and some info from the admins would be needed.

I didn’t know that site, seems a pretty cool concept.

I have the impression works like a markeplace, they take care of the site and communication platform, invoicing, and that the merch production, packaging and delivery is the sellers’ responsibility. This is just my first impression.

Some sites take care of the later part too which is pretty cool. You just have to create mockups, reply to people, and receive the money. Unsure about the ethical guiding principles. Will look into it.

Something in this line:

Would have to look deeper into others, ethical principles.

Or we could do a crowdfund to make print some merch. :slight_smile: A whole other level of logistics of course.

We have discussed it during today’s contributors meeting.

We are not against it, and some items look actually nice! We could even have a communication kit with fliers, stickers, tee-shirt for organizing YunoHost events across the globe.

However, we feel that us regular maintainers have little time to invest to start and maintain such project, even supported by the linked sellers. We also have worries on the origin of the goods, and would like to make sure they are eco-responsibly sourced.

If someone(s) want start this side project, they are welcome to discuss it during next contributors meetings. :slight_smile:


I ser some of the dropshipping companies (that’s the name of this business model) include organic cotton t-shirts. That’s a start.

That’s great news!

This one looks like a good candidate.

@Mamie no USB keys :wink:

we also have Open Source T-shirts |

they are open to suggestions

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Hey there o/ I contacted En Vente Libre with the contact form, asking to talk about future YunoHost merch.
I’ll get back to here, feel free to write up questions here so I can ask them.


my only question is “where can i send my money” :slight_smile:


Heya o/
We are now in contact with EnVenteLibre and looking for suppliers for the merch.
There’s a pad about the merch.
Next meeting, we will talk about which merch we want and suppliers.