Build a yunohost system image by myself

I want to build a system image with yunohost by myself. Any guides?

… But why …

… And for which platform …

I want to add some function and pre-installed packages when install yunohost system.
(Debian 10)

By platform @Aleks wanted to ask for which architecture (arm / rpi / x86_64…)

Repository to create iso images for x86_64 are here: GitHub - YunoHost/cd_build: SimpleCDD build scripts for YunoHost (?)
You can also use the install_script on top of debian 10 (AGPLv3)

For arm and rpi:
GitHub - YunoHost/arm-images: YunoHost build chain for armbian images (GPLv2)
GitHub - YunoHost/rpi-image: Tool used to create the Raspbian images (specific rpi license)

There is also for debootstrap: GitHub - YunoHost/yunohost-debootstrap: Debootstrap script for yunohost (AGPLv3)

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Thanks for your repository And how to set a package to install during the installtion?