Broken Yunohost instance due to full storage

My yunohost instance suddenly stopped working so I went to the admin interface and it kept redirecting me to the login page, after a reboot I managed to log in and discovered that the storage is full so I tried to uninstall something but it only returned error saying that storage is full.
Does anyone know how to fix this. I would appreciate any help.

Using command line, you can first try to run apt-get clean (that will empty apt cache).
Usually it saves you around 50~250MB. That should be enough to make your Yunohost (apps) working again.
NB: be aware that any apt-get update command will download that cache again.

Then if you don’t know what to erase, maybe try to remove backups, or if you have enough space, to compress them (ex: zstd mybackup.tar then remove the mybackup.tar file).

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Nb: you should redirect emails to the first account on an email you watch, cause diagnosis system warn you before this kind of disasters happen…

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