Brique Camp 2019 (#4)

Oyé, Oyé !

The Brique Camp is approaching, it is time to define the dates:)

Dates ?

The dates are not yet defined, please indicate your availability if you are interested.
NB: this survey is also for the Devcamp FFDN in order to plan the dates of the Devcamp correctly in relation to the Brique Camp


What is the Brique Camp ? :tent: :computer:

The Brique Camp is a week-long event during which contributors from the YunoHost and The Internet Cube projects meet and work together.

What can I do ? :wrench:

We will suggest a pad to list all ideas :bulb: of what can be done like communication, documentation, translation, development, tests, image building, maintain the infrastructure, paperwork…

We advice to plan in advance about what will be your goal during the Brique Camp. ** It is possible to discuss it in advance with us on IRC or in this post**

Finally, we’ll probably try to be a bit more chill than the last year and have some games ! :spades: :yum:

Cheers !

The Brique Camp organization committee


Oyé Oyé!

Le Brique Camp approche, il est temps de définir les dates :slight_smile:

Dates ?

Les dates ne sont pas encore définies, merci d’indiquer vos dispos si vous êtes intérréssés.
NB: ce sondage est aussi pour le Devcamp FFDN afin de planifier correment les dates du Devcamp par rapport au Brique Camp


What is the Brique Camp ? :tent: :computer:

Qu’est-ce que le Brique Camp ? :tent: :computer:

Le Brique Camp c’est une semaine lors de laquelle les contributeurs et contributrices de YunoHost et de La Brique Internet se rencontrent pour faire avancer ces 2 projets de promotion de l’auto-hébergement.

Qu’est-ce que je pourrais y faire ? :wrench:

Nous allons proposer un pad pour recenser les idées :bulb: de ce qu’il y aurait à faire que ce soit vis à vis de la communication, de la documentation, de la traduction, du développement, des tests, de la création d’image, de la maintenance d’infra, de la paperasse…

Il est conseillé de regarder à l’avance pour avoir une petite idée d’un objectif personnel pour le Brique Camp. Il est possible de venir en discuter à l’avance avec nous sur le salon irc ou sur ce post.

Enfin, on va probablement être un peu plus cool que l’an dernier et faire quelques jeux :spades:

A+ !

Le comité d’orga du Brique Camp


This looks great then! I see a lot of things on the pad already that I could probably help with, so I won’t add another item to the large list already :slight_smile: If there are any people in the Netherlands seeing this and would like to join, please message me to organise if you like.

PS. I try to spread the word to librehosters in case we get more people to help out. See the post over at

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It was the list of the last year Brique Camp… I have just removed some task already done Don’t hesitate to add what you want to do…

Hell yea ! In fact we were discussing about maybe trying to get people from the CHATONS collective (which you probably heard of if you are in the community ?).

In particular, I would be glad to discuss how could Librehosters and CHATONS build a common stack/workflow/model to stop reinveing the wheel, minimize bus factor and be more efficient in spreading the whole thing. It sounds to me that this aspect is largely underestimated if the goal really is to build a realistic long-term alternative to GAFAM+s. Anyway, that’s a broad topic and I don’t know if YunoHost is part of the answer (probably not, or requires some tweaking), but there would definitely be a lot of discuss together :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: (considering some of us are also part of CHATONS)