BOUNTY: $10 USD over PayPal for someone to package Turtl Server



Hey everybody!

Loving YunoHost, as I’m sure you all are. My only missing app is a good Evernote alternative.

The good news? I’ve found it! Turtl!

The problem is, while I’m very familiar with Linux, app packaging or merely installing it on my YunoHost server independently and integrating it into YunoHost’s amazing SSO solution is a bit beyond me.

If anyone is willing to package it for me on a github, (the server was rewritten since this packaging attempt: github /YunoHost-Apps/Turtl_ynh*) I am more than willing to pay $10 USD over PayPal to compensate them. I know that $10 is pittance for your time, but I am without a job and trying to get my life together, hopefully Turtl will help :wink:

I’m fairly well-known in Linux-y circles, and can prove my identity with an edit to my claim-to-fame website, which is the Guide frequently used and placed in the sidebar of /r/thinkpad on Reddit.

Let me know if you do it! I’ll PayPal you right away after it successfully installs on my little netbook/yunohost.

Thanks for reading,


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Know that I’m working on it!


But you can keep your money I do this in my free time only because I wish to have turtl: D


Thanks! Joplin doesn’t quite cut it for what I’m looking for though!

Edit: I spoke too soon, TagSpaces looks great! Unfortunately, it’s been unmaintained in YunoHost for 3 years.


Thank you so much! Can I get a PM when done?

Thank you!


Have you tried the tagspaces_ynh app?
I developed it a long time ago and haven’t used it since, but in the install I kept the choice between using the old version (1.2 I think) and installing the latest from source.

With some luck, installing from source might even work…

Also I think it wouldn’t take much time to update the app. There were two problems mainly:

  • in the latest tagspaces versions, an important button was hidden behind the yunohost tile. Can we disable the ynh tile in some way?
  • I wanted to have a dedicated WebDAV nginx module instead of forcing users to have next cloud, but I couldn’t figure how.