Boring Proxy or Cloud Flare Tunnel with Yunohost

I am a new Yunohost user and I am wondering if anyone is using Boring Proxy or Cloudflare Tunnels to serve their locally hosted Yunohost applications to the internet instead of DNS, DDNS, and portforwarding. If so, is there a guide anywhere? With Boring Proxy, which VPS are you using? I tried Boring Proxy on Hetzner to serve to Ubuntu docker containers and had some trouble installing on the VPS end.

You might ask:
Why not just install Yunohost on the VPS instead?

Because I would like to have a large number of files on my server and I don’t want to pay for a ton of storage when I can pay for a low resource VPS that only serves as a proxy and tunnel manager in one simple GUI app.

Why not just do all the portforwarding and DNS configuration and a VPN tunnel? we already have that and have made it as simple as possible.

It is very complicated and intimidating to people who are just trying to teach themselves how to do this stuff. Boring Proxy has made the tunnel and proxy management as simple as Yunohost has made the installation of a server and installation of applications.

Thank you, I had never heard of BoringProxy before, seems very interesting.
There are plenty of advantages of having a gateway (on a VPS) separated from the main server. You mention storage but also possibly CPU and overall control over the Yunohost server.
The only question I have is how ssh tunnel (which BoringProxy uses) compares to other solutions like wireguard or tinc in terms of performance.