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BorgWarhouse is a fast and modern WebUI for a BorgBackup’s central repository server.

Shipped version: 2.0.0~ynh1


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Is it possible to have a little documentation to be able to point it to the different borg servers I have already installed on my server ?
(I have 3 of them, one for daily backups of one app + system, one for weekly of ALL apps, and one for a distant backup)

Same as per Element-call. brut de décoffrage for this one as well. Testing and feedback will be needed to fine tune the app.

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Oh, it seems that it is a borg server, and can only monitor repositories created by itself.

BorgWarehouse is based on BorgBackup and only handles the server side. Your backups remain encrypted from end to end by your Borg client.

Petit sujet, j’ai installé l’application, mais lorsque j’essaye de créer mon premier repository j’ai un message d’erreur qui apparait en haut à droite en rouge mentionnant An error has occured : /home/borgwarehouse/.ssh/authorized_keys must be present

Effectivement après vérification, le compte n’existe pas, et n’a donc pas été créé durant l’installation. Comme il n’y a pas de documentation réelle, je ne sais pas si l’on doit créer ou pas l’utilisation ? Je pense qu’il pourrait être interressant que cette application soit liée à un utilisateur déjà existant…

Ah yes, we are installing the app to /var/www/borgwarehouse path… I guess the authorized_keys path is hard coded.
I am trying to add the path in this branch: Path by ericgaspar · Pull Request #2 · YunoHost-Apps/borgwarehouse_ynh · GitHub

Do I need to run the BorgBackup app as well in order to actually make the backups? If so, it would be great if the app’s documentation said so.

This is not needed at all.
You can use borg + borgserver, OR borg + borgwarehouse, but not borg + borgserver + borgwarehouse (as borgserver and borgwarehouse works as a borg server)

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If BorgWarehouse should include borg (the command and server), then there is an issue with the app itself:

Reading the description, I also expected BorgWarehouse to be a web frontend for an existing Borg-server (not just the Yuno-app description, also byline on its website does not mention it is the server, instead of only a GUI).

After reading the second line of the reply, I think Mamie misread BorgBackup for BorgServer