Borg stopped running, not sure why

I have been having an alert on borg not running for the last two days, here are the logs:

have you checked bakups?

I had seen something similar few days ago but checking repo with borg reported the files were there.

I will later check again. Thanks for reporting this.

Just checked, it has running the back-ups normally indeed. But get error on diagnosis and in the app menu interface.

Same issue on my server!

There is an error to save conf_manually_modified_files, so I opened an issue but the problem is not directly related to borg.

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Same here.

It happened after the update of packages yunohost and yunohost admin yesterday.

Me too I have 2 backups daily, they failed since the 4th April…

cf other posts, this is fixed in 11.1.17


Yes, just updated and it’s fixed now! Thanks so much for the great work!

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