Boot hangs on Daily apt upgrade and clean activities


I have not found a similar issue via search so I am beginning a new topic.

I am using Yunohost because I am a new student on a computer science course, and I would like to know more about client-server and networking.

I am trying to install Yunohost v. on a Raspberry Pi 4.

I have flashed the OS image onto a 32GB Sandisk A1 microSD and successfully installed Yunohost using a monitor, keyboard, and mouse.

However during post-installation, after I had chosen a domain name and password, the boot hangs after this message:

[ OK ] Started Daily apt upgrade and clean activities

It has been like this for 25 minutes.

Could anyone help me move forward with this?

@lewisd, sorry for the delay with approving your post. There is a bug with one of the plugins for the forum.

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Have you tried to just type “Enter” ?

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