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BookStack is a simple, self-hosted, easy-to-use platform for organising and storing information. It is an opinionated wiki system that provides a pleasant and simple out of the box experience.

BookStack is built using PHP, on top of the Laravel framework and it uses MySQL to store data.

Shipped version: 0.31.4






Does it work? Is it safe to install? Is it still marked as low quality when I click “Install with Yunohost” and not listed in the web admin although here it is “Level 7” and “working”.

Anyway, thanks a lot for working with this. I was waiting for this app to be included

It should be good to go. The App library needs some time to upgrade the catalog apps

Thanks a lot. Works perfectly!

Small thing: Test Email failed, maybe because of the port used in the .env file. I changed it from 1025 (?) to standard 25 and the error message disappeared

This is updated in the next version :+1:t2:

Today’s update failed: “Unable to update core dependencies with Composer” was one of the error messages, see log here:

Hello @ericg !
I have seen you recently packaged this interesting wiki. Thanks.
To be honest, I am a little bit lost between the diversity of existing wiki.

I am looking for a easy to use, quite good looking, and not to heavy on my small server. I have already used BookStack and I found it nice.
But I have also seen Yeswiki that seems quite nice.

Could you let me know how you choose BookStack ? Are you using it for your own wiki ? What make it suits you better ?
And finally, do you think you will maintain this package for some time ?

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Sorry, I left your message behind.
I don’t use BookStack myself, so I can’t advise you on this. You should try it out and see if it meets your needs. The package is maintained.

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New stable version :tada:

  • 7 March 2021 - #16
    • Upgrade to upstream version 0.31.7

New stable version :tada:

  • 14 April 2021 - #16
    • Upgrade to upstream version 21.04 (new numbering system)