Blacklisted on RBL

Hello i try to fix this.
Your IP or domain is blacklisted on RBL IgnorierenDetails

I ask spfbl to help me, the first question was:
Hi. Is that host, at listed IP, a regular outgoing mail server with RFC 5321 compliance? If yes, could you give me its FQDN?
But i dont now if the mail server is RFC 5321 an what is his FQDN.
Maybe someone can help me to answer that.

I guess yes it is RFC 5321 compliant … (apparently that RFC is just the one defining the SMTP protocol). The FQDN should be your main domain name (FQDN stands for fully qualified domain name, which is a fancy technical way for “full” domain name basically…)

I gave him the Main Domain Name. An his answere was:
You’re confusing root domain with email server FQDN.

Well if he’s so smart then what is it …

In yunohost, the root domain is also the email server domain …

I will write him this…

No. I’m refering the FQDN used at SMTP transaction. Your root domain only points to this mail server, but not name it.

Maybe if you send the result of :

telnet YOURDOMAIN 25 

this person will accept it or explain more the issue.

Ok now i know, what to do.
I try to change this…
Thanks. You must change the rDNS of mail server IP from ‘’ to ‘’ before you be able to delist it for free at this tool:

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