/bin/sh: BASH_XTRACEFD: 7: invalid value for trace file descriptor


The bash script is giving error while the apps script are ran.
Its a warning rather then error but I have no idea if this can result into error. It would be good if someone can explain about this warning.

WARNING /bin/sh: BASH_XTRACEFD: 7: invalid value for trace file descriptor


Same problem and same question here. I often get this warning and I have no idea what it means.

I got this message

/bin/bash: BASH_XTRACEFD: 7: invalid value for trace file descriptor

on a fresh new install yunohost over Debian
the apps I was installing is Peertube under a subdomain

Hi there,

sorry about this message,

maybe we’ll eventually figure out how to get rid of it, but in the meantime it doesnt seem to be causing any issue (apart from the scary technical warnings)



Does someone has some news about this warning that has been here for so long?
I guess it’s linked to Yunohost core, since it happens with almost every app install, update or removal.

Yes, just don’t worry about it …


I fixed it on my own instance. Do the following at your own risk since I don’t know if some other scripts could break.
I have one instance on which I did this quite some time ago and with no issue so far, but your mileage may vary, especially on different apps scripts.

First of all, check the following:

ls -lh /bin/sh

If the return is dash, then your issue is not the same as mine was.
If the return is bash, run the following:

sudo dpkg-reconfigure dash

When prompted to make it the default shell, answer ‘Yes’.

That should get rid of the warnings. dash is supposed to be the default shell on Debian, but bash can take over it.

Again, run this at your own risks, some packagers may suppose bash is the default shell and they’re not 100% compatible.