Big Peertube log files / location of config file to check/amend settings?

YH’s PeerTube instance kept going down recently with a 502 error, which I eventually realised was due to it running out of hard drive space on the server. What was puzzling was I’d clear space by deleting backups and then it would fill up again and 502 out.

This led me to look around the server (I’ve v v basic sysadmin copy/paste skills) and see that var/log/peertube was over 6GB. Some of the individual log files were over 256mb.

I opened an issue with PeerTube, where it was suggested I check /var/www/peertube/config/production.yml - which is blank. Looking at /default.yml I could see that the default setting is to only log ‘info’ with a max 12mb files size and 20 files. So wherever the Yunohost log files are, it’s using higher values than this.

Where can I find the Peertube config yml file? (or does anyone have a better way to manage Peertube log files?)

Many thanks.


Thanks @ljf. production.yml there (there’s no production.json and local-production.json are settings set in the admin configuraiton screens) contains the settings for the logs but has the default caps of only storing ‘info’ logs, max files size 12mb and max number of logs 20 - all of which seems to be overridden based on the /var/logs/peertube/ files.

Chocobozzz has suggested that Peertube cannot rotate log files because logrotate is doing this? Is that a Yunohost-wide tool?

“PeerTube can’t correctly rotates files because there is another tool (logrotate) that already does this job”

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