Best way to uninstall YunoHost so I can reinstall it?

Can’t find any information on the github or around the forum

Uninstalling YunoHost from Debian is not handled.

are you saying its not possible to properly uninstall yunohost?

yep, there is no easy way to do it.
I don’t know if someone tried it.

has there been any update on this?

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I’m interested in this too. No uninstall script to get back to a “normal” debian server?
For example to remove the yunohost services, cron etc.

Do we need to perform a new install of the server?

AFAIK, there is no supported way.

Performing a reinstallation is probably the quickest and simplest “solution”.

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Yes, there’s no uninstall function of YunoHost, and it wouldn’t be easy to implement. There’s just too many changes done on the system. This would be somwhat like asking to uninstall Ubuntu and only keep the underlying Debian …

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