Best way to display temperature values (Grafana?)


Hi all!

I’m currently running an Ubuntu server with various services and think about migrating to YunoHost. One service is Grafana displaying temperature (and more) values logged by sensors that write their values to my central MySQL db (also running on that server).

If I got it right, the Grafana package for YunoHost uses an internal DB and cannot connect to an SQL database that is accessible from outside. Is that right? What could be a good way to display my values and graphs with YunoHost?

Thx in advance!


J’ai trouvé ces infos, qui, j’espère, te seront utiles !
Attention tout de même au bon fonctionnement avec Yunohost !

I found these info, which I hope will be useful to you!
Be careful with Yunohost !

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