Best practice to backup custom directories

After reading through all the docs and a couple of posts I’m still wondering what the best practice is to create a local backup of a directory outside of the yunohost ecosystem.

DISK1 mounted to /media/storage
DISK2 mounted to /media/backup

My goal:
An automated backup of /media/storage/share to /media/backup/share_backup
(Sidenote: my /home/yunohost.multimedia/share points to /media/storage/share)

So far:

  • I followed the instructions on but I do not see an option to choose custom directories here

  • After learning about Borg and the Yunohost Borg App I thought I could do it this way. But the app interface only allows for remote server backup setup

  • Then I came across this tutorial on the forum. Unfortunately it looks like this is again using the “yunohost backup” command I don’t see where I would define custom directories.

Since it seems like a very basic task, I was wondering if I’m just looking in the wrong direction here. I’m thankful for any help or hint.

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