Benefit of Wireguard (or other VPN) combined with SSHFS (or other file access)

I moved Yunohosts from a server at home (with enough storage) to small VPS’s (with little storage) after losing IPv4 addresses.

To use more space (yunohost.backup/archives, peertube/storage/video), I use a SSHFS connection to the server at home and write to a directory on the Yunohost there.

Is there a benefit to using Wireguard for the connection?

My ideas;: SSHFS runs in userspace, so Wireguard (in kernel space) should give better performance. On the other hand, I still need to mount the home-storage at the VPS, and I feel most comfortable using SSHFS (lacking enough experience with alternatives).

Any thoughts?

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SSHFS is both the connection and the file access protocol. If you were to use WireGuard for the connection, what would you use for accessing the files? A userspace protocol, I guess? :wink:

I am not saying it is a bad idea, but the answer is not straighforward, you would have to test SSHFS vs WireGuard+… Samba? NFS? SSHFS (:upside_down_face:)?

Currently I am using Zerotier+Samba, but I have no idea if the performance is OK. :sweat_smile:

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Yeah, that’s what I realized when I set out to replace my SSHFS mounts by a ‘real’ VPN. Hence the question :wink:

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