Beginner's question: stopping SSH


Is it safe to stop SSH when I’m not connecting to my server?
Or does it prevent some applications from running? - Specifically Archivist or NextCloud.
Sorry if it’s silly question but I’m going “off-grid” for a few days and as this is my first experience with this world I don’t want to come back with a vandalized server.

And while I’m here [perhaps I need a new topic for that] is there a way to see a list of the apps installed with how much space they take? Again newbie enthusiasm “I’ll try this… oh and I’ll try that…”

Hi there,

stopping the SSH server won’t stop application from running, but I’m not sure you really want to do that … Just because you’re going “off grid” for a few days won’t make your server more keen to being vandalized that it usually is … Also if you really are afraid about that, you should know and consider that there are other ways for your server to get vandalized (and in fact, I would consider the SSH attack surface to be the less worrying as long as you have strong passwords)

Hmwell nope… That’s the kind of simple questions which requires long answers. For example, several apps (for example PHP-based apps) require PHP dependencies. But since those are shared across many apps, it’s not trivial to compute a per-app weight. But anyway, you could get a rough estimate by running du -hs /var/www/nextcloud for example (for the weight of nextcloud)

Thanks Aleks,
That’s really helpful to know it doesn’t impact on the security to leave SSH service on.
I use pass phrases that, according to are secure.

And thanks for the -hs /var/www/ instructions. I need to start compiling a list of useful SSH commands.

Btw, is a nice tool to quickly “walk around” and see what disk space usage is like. You just need to apt install ncdu as per usual.