Beginner question about MySQL-database (error connecting) in my_webapp

Hi everyone,

First off, let me say I love YunoHost! Have been running it on an old Raspberry Pi for quite some years and have learned some harsh beginner admin lessons and have had a lot of fun with Nextcloud, Gitea, Backdrop and more.

I have two very simple questions, that might be too basic to be considered, but I could not find an answer in the documentation, this forum, or elsewhere.

Because these questions are so basic, I did not think I needed to provide details on my setup (will be happy to provide these of course if they are helpful here). Here are my questions:

  • The documentation (my_webapp_ynh/ at testing · YunoHost-Apps/my_webapp_ynh · GitHub) mentions that when you select to install the MySQL-database (which I did) the connection details will be stored in the file db_access.txt in the root directory. But I don’t seem to have this file, not in /var/www/my_webapp nor elsewhere.

  • I cannot seem to log in to the MySQL-database, for example the command below returns “ERROR 1045 (28000): Access denied for user ‘my_webapp’@‘localhost’ (using password: YES)”

mysql --host=localhost --user=my_webapp --password=[the password that the after installation popup provides] my_webapp

What could I be doing wrong? Thanks in advance!

Mmmh it looks like this file was removed without updating the documentation… sorry! Normally a banner should have been displayed in the webadmin with those credentials. (reading further down your message, you did saw it :slight_smile: )

Otherwise to display it: yunohost app setting my_webapp db_pwd

I can replicate your issue, and it is definitely not normal.

Thanks so much for your response!

Ah, so the banner displays the same information that db_access.txt would contain, so that’s fine the way it is now.

Regarding the login, it’s good to hear you can replicate the issue, as I though I was going insane XD Curious to know what it would be, eventually.

Hello, I bump this topic in order to avoid its locking, as i have the same problem (see @tituspijean Did you have the time to see what the problem could be? Thanks a lot!

@j8ter If your problem is not already resolved: see the db_pwd or mysqlpwd line in /etc/yunohost/apps/my_webapp/settings.yml (my_webapp with any number if it’s not the first), and compare to the one the banner gave you. Maybe there is an inconsistency here.

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