[Bazarr] Companion for Sonarr and Radarr that manages and downloads subtitles

Bazarr for YunoHost

Integration level
Install bazarr with YunoHost

This package allows you to install bazarr quickly and simply on a YunoHost server.
If you don’t have YunoHost, please consult the guide to learn how to install it.


Bazarr is a companion application to Sonarr and Radarr that manages and downloads subtitles based on your requirements.

Shipped version: 1.0.1~ynh1


Disclaimers / important information

  • Access control is done with YunoHost’s permissions system.
  • If Radarr or Sonarr are installed on your server, the app will automatically retrieve their settings and integrate them in its config.
    • If you add or remove them afterwards, force an upgrade of Bazarr: it will update its settings again.
  • Do not enable Auto-updating in the settings, no support will be provided if you do so.

Documentation and resources

Developer info

Please send your pull request to the testing branch.

To try the testing branch, please proceed like that.

sudo yunohost app install https://github.com/YunoHost-Apps/bazarr_ynh/tree/testing --debug
sudo yunohost app upgrade bazarr -u https://github.com/YunoHost-Apps/bazarr_ynh/tree/testing --debug

More info regarding app packaging: App packaging | Yunohost Documentation

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