Baikal, radicale and infcloud

In the former past I used radicale until it was broken. I loved to use the “integrated” infcloud to access calender and contacts via web browser from anywhere.
As a very good server replacement baikal is super good and my devices work very well together with Outlook or FOSS like simple calendar and DAVx5. There is one topic missing, a web browser based Frontend for maintenance like Infcloud. What could be a good replacement or a suggestions for that use case?

btw: I don’t want to use Nextcloud
btw2: normally I guess it should be simple to use or install infcloud manually but I’m not an expert and hope for some kind of click and go :slight_smile:

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Following this thread! I would also like a html view of my Baikal data.

Good to know the radicale package is broken. I was thinking of switching from Baikal, but you’ve helped me avoid that pitfall. :pray:

Update: I’ve installed AgenDAV as an CalDAV web client.

Task 1: Get it to accept my login details (currently can’t sign in).
Next tasks: will try to get it to sync with Baikal, Monica and Easy!Appointments.

Will post here how I go. :crossed_fingers: