Baikal 404 error after install


I have the latest version of Yunohost. I managed to install other apps successfully, but while Baikal seems to be installed correctly, after install when I visit or, I get a 404 error.

I have literally no idea what I can do. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks a lot in advance,


Fixed it.

Hello Ncols.

I have the same behaviour on my new server yunohost.
What do you do to fix it ?

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Sorry for the late reply. Not sure if you got my reply via email.

So for everyone: unfortunately I did not really find a fix. Rather, I just uninstalled and reinstalled Baikal, and everything went smoothly.




Thanks for your answer.
Reinstall doesn’t work for me… I choose to use owncloud contact and calendar app.

Thanks for all

Best regards.

I had this problem too and solved it by uninstalling nextcloud then reinstalling baikal. After that I could reinstall nextcloud.

I think there is some sort of conflict between the calendar service in nextcloud and baikal

@ethanxrosen: did you lost your data when uninstalling then reinstalling baikal and nextcloud? (contacts, calendars, files)

@aoz I did this right after a fresh install of yunohost so I didn’t have any data to lose. Unfortunately I can’t say… Safest to backup your next cloud data before!