Backup: rsnapshot


I’ve been using yunohost for a couple years now. My original use case was a Nextcloud server. I wanted the underlying files to remain easily available in the event of a problem with yunohost, Nextcloud, or my server itself. Additionally, at that time, yunohost’s backup was considered experimental.

In order to meet my objectives, I developed my own backup and restore scripts using the method I already use in other environments: rsnapshot. Rsnapshot is available in Debian, uses rsync to cut down on data transfer, and keeps multiple full backups in an ordinary file system for barely more than the (size) cost of an incremental backup. IMO, this is a superior method to the current tarball backup scheme.

I wonder if anyone has considered the merits of rsnapshot vs the current scheme or (what appears to be) the preference of the ‘next’ scheme (borg?)?

I’m not really much of a programmer. I hacked the stuff together, it’s not 100% automated (eg. on restore to a fresh install, I have to manually fix a thing or two to get the database working right), and it’s not really integrated into the yunohost system at all. I’m sure someone with some skill beyond mine could come up with a more elegant backup/restore implementation based on rsnapshot than I have made.

I suppose I’m simply stopping by to say: consider rsnapshot for backups :slight_smile:

And thank you again to everyone who keeps this project going!