Backup restore without info.json


My server’s hard disk sadly crashed yesterday. Unfortunately, I only downloaded the backups from the admin interface and never tried to restore them.

By downloading the backup file from the admin page, you only get the .tar file. Now I know I also need the info.json file.

Is there any chance to restore my emails from the .tar file, is there a manual to do so?

Maybe copying the mail files into the right directory and manually restoring the database?

Thanks for your help!


When I analyze a newly created backup, I see that the info.json file is included in the .tar file. Unfortunately, in the backup that I need to restore, the info.json is missing.

What do you need to restore? Apps? only Mails?
Yes, you can manually copy mails but take care to keep owner/group and rights. Maybe you can directly use options with tar command to do that.
The main folder is /var/mail/$USER/cur (with $USER your user).