Backup my data on Glacier (or equivalent)


Version française plus bas.

My YNH server is hosted on a dedicated sever (kimsufi) without any protection for my data.
I also have a Nextcloud app installed with approx 1To of data.

I would like to backup my data on a cheap solution (only for backup, no need to get my data except for rescue). On my NAS (synology) I have Glacier AWS backup solution that provide a good price/storage ratio.

So I would like to implement Glacier (or an equivalent solution) for my YNH server.
Anyone to help me?

Love <3

My YunoHost configuration

**Hardware:Kimsufi server
**YunoHost version:last (3.3.3)


J’ai mon instance YNH sur Kimsufi, donc sans aucune protection de mes données, et notamment de mon Nexctcould.
J’aimerai avoir une archive de mes données sur une server pas cher d’archivage (de type Glacier) comme justilise avec mon NAS Synology.
Avez vous déjà implémenté quelque chose d’équivalent?
Si oui, pouvez vous m’aider :
1 - pour choisir une solution (car glacier n’est sans doute pas la seule)
2 - pour la mettre ne place?
Merci <3

PS : mon adsl campagnard, ne me permet pas d’utiliser mon NAS comme backup.

Not sure to understand 100% what you are looking for, but if you are looking for a remote backup solution, we currently have this tutorial :

which nowadays should be simplified using borg_ynh and borgserver_ynh apps (those shall be progressively implemented in the core). Though be aware that what the tutorial describes requires 2 yunohost servers. But you can also adapt it on a “non-yunohost” server if you are able to deploy and configure borg and ssh appropriately.