Backup issue, very important yunohost.multimedia not in backups

Actual implementation of backup do not backup /home/yunohost.multimedia something that in fact was important data for users, maybe your collection of photos, or personal videos, or music, or ebooks… or whatever the shit we store in our yunohost instance.

Where should be open the issue?

IMHO adding like another user home data will be more than enough, is just modify a script…

added to issues

Is this the shared multimedia folder I see in Nextcloud? What is it’s purpose?

well… i found a use to an unused rasperrypib3… with a terabyte harddisk…

first you need to change the / (root folder) to the external usb harddisk… something very inefficient but very practical in the long run… since sdcards have a limited life…

to do so…

first we need to stop swap
swapoff -a

check the number of the disk… in my case /dev/sda and create a swap partition /dev/sda1 4G (just because i like big swap) and the rest /dev/sda2 in ext4
fdisk -l
fdisk /dev/sda1
nano /etc/fstab
/dev/sda1 swap swap defaults 0 0
mkswap /dev/sda1
swapon -a

So we go with sda2:
mkfs.ext4 /dev/sda2
mount /dev/sda2 /media

now we need to replicate everything in / (the root of the system in the /dev/sda2 mounted in /media
rsync -ravzxq / /media/

we edit fstab
nano /media/etc/fstab
and add
/dev/sda2 / ext4 defaults 1 1

then we need to go to /boot to edit the command where says where the hell / (root) is
nano /boot/cmdline.txt

and… dont forget to use this command to be sure that everytime it loads… it check the partition
tune2fs -c 1 /dev/sda2

Once we do that… we can replicate the /home/yunohost.multimedia in that rbpi

rsync -rtpogva --progress --size-only --delete -l -H -partial -b -s /home/yunohost.multimedia/ root@

of course i created /home/backup-multimedia in the rbpi, it’s not fast, but it works and resolv the issue. By the way i used too for holding normal backups…

rsync -rtpogva --progress --size-only --delete -l -H -partial -b -s /home/yunohost.backup/ root@

I do promise… is very very slow… but works…

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