Back-ups on SSD not on micro SD, also other apps storage going to micro SD

Hello, i have a new installation of youhost, great project! I am having some small problems with apps and files going to the micro SD and not the SSD. And specially the backup, I did a backup using the web itnerface of around 10GB, but it was storaged in the micro SD, can I set it to automatically go to the SSD?
My SSD was unmounted after the initial installation, so files from nextcloud and other apps were being storaged on the micro SD, how to fix it?

Good question. I didn’t see anything mentioned here.

This may help you

One way to do it is simply to create a symbolic link between the backup folder and a folder on the SSD.
You will need to modify your /etc/fstab file to mount automatically your SSD on startup.


If I mount the SSD on /mnt will it be automatically recognized, like I install a new app, and all the database goes automatically to the SSD. then if something goes wrong. I can reflash yunohost to a new sd card and have all my info safe on the ssd?

No it won’t.
The database files have to be moved to a folder located on the SSD (a symlink can help with that because it is probably way easier that changing all database settings to run it on another folder).

Then yes, if you database (and its settings) are not on the SD card (or if you have a backup) then loosing the SD card will not corrupt those data and you will be able to reuse them (after all the reinstall process).


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