Azuracast as an installable Application


To the devs: I love y’all. Thank you so much for the wonderful ish that is Yunohost. I started with Cyberpanel, and quickly migrated to Yuno; no regrets. Loving literally every minute of it. It’s steady, it’s stable, and it’s been online since early March. No issues.

I found an app I’d like to install, and wondered if there was any plan to integrate into the applications of the server? The webapp is Azuracast, a self-hosted internet radio station. I feel like it goes in line with what Yuno is all about. It’s opensourced, gnu-licensed and all that good stuff.


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It is actually already in the Apps wishlist | Yunohost Documentation

And maybe have a look at this app that has similar features

I would love to see Azuracast as an installable app too!