Auto activate PyPi mirror "piwheels" on Raspberry Pi ?!?

Installing Python packages on ARM / Raspberry Pi may take very long…

It’s possible to set a other PyPi mirror and use

Anybody a idea how to do this on YunoHost app config level?!?
Or: Should YunoHost core should make this and not every Python based App package?!?

Crosspost: Auto activate "piwheels" on Raspberry Pi · Issue #8 · YunoHost-Apps/django_yunohost_integration · GitHub

Ah yes indeed that sounds awesome ?!

Too bad they don’t support other ARM boards … but that’s pretty cool already :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I guess we could indeed add this to the core (assuming that we can trust these folks).

Naively I would tend to add this in the regen conf around here with something like:

    if [[ -e /proc/device-tree/model ]] && grep -q "Raspberry Pi" /proc/device-tree/model; then
        mkdir -p $pending_dir/etc
        echo ".. the config snippet ..." > $pending_dir/etc/pip.conf

Annnnd in fact while I write this, I realize my RPi already has this enabled … Are there RPi setups where this is not enabled ?

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No i think it’s not the default. But i have to check this…

Hm. Okay this line exists on my Pi, too…
Default in Raspbian?!?